What’s she like now?!


My beautiful baby girl is growing up so fast, Gabriella is a little girl now, she kindly reminds me i’m NOT a baby i’m Gabby! Much to my dismay she has chosen to shorten her own name to Gabby, since she’s been born I’ve made a point to tell everyone not to shorten her name, I now look completely stupid when she goes around introducing herself as Gabby.

It amazes me how quickly they progress at this age. I love the fact that we can really communicate now, have conversations, chat, tell each other jokes and even have the odd argument!

Her personality is BIG! She’s loud when comfortable with her company, an extreme chatterbox (talks me into insanity everyday!), a very sensitive soul, caring and loves to play toys, she’s into bears not dolls, is a little bit of a tomboy (loves rough and tumble) but makes up for it with her love of sparkly stuff. I love the fact that shes independent and determined with that she can be terribly demanding and bossy but I love her all the same, she’s my princess, my world.

I’m intrigued to see whether her unique little personality changes or adapts when the new addition to the family arrives.


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