Completely Puzzling

Finding activities that keep Gabriella entertained whilst I’m pregnant isn’t easy. Not only do I need a rest at times but I’ve still got 2 businesses on the go one which is about to launch as the baby arrives oh I do like a challenge so I’m constantly trying to find fun things for her to do whilst I get on with work.

Puzzles have been my saving grace…I cannot tell you how surprised I am. We are no longer on the baby puzzles, we’re well into the piece puzzles. It all started with a puzzle brought her for Christmas, a 12 piece puzzle. She will sit there all day and do this puzzle over and over, she just loves it! It’s great for her concentration and memory. After watching her do this all day everyday since she got it I felt that it was time to invest in a new one for her. Found this great looking brightly coloured puzzle in a lovely little tub by Muddy it’s not until I got home I realised it was 64 piece and for ages 6+…oops!



I’d already given it to her so putting it aside until she was a bit older was out of the question, under no circumstances was I to expect it back! I felt so bad, I didn’t want her to feel I was pushing her too much with such an advanced puzzle but she insisted we do it together. Can you believe this little girl at 2 years and 5 months is now completing this puzzle all on her own and she loves it. She does it time and time again it certainly keeps her busy for much longer than the 12 piece.

All I can say is don’t underestimate the abilities of our little darlings they truly exceed our expectations always.





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