Mummy Gorgeous is the diary and inspirations of my life as a London mother based in Notting Hill. I’m a mother who adores her family, a creative, lover of style and products and a mumpreneur.

I love being a mother and I also love being me. It’s not always easy to balance the two but I’m finding my way! I want to share my journey as I launch my own business, a Childrenswear brand called With Love Baby and juggle motherhood.

Mummy gorgeous will showcase my inspirations as a designer, my style, Gabriella’s style and my yummy product finds. There will be lots of glimpses into my world and what I get up to.

I hope you enjoy my inspirational blog for mothers or anyone who shares the same interests.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for the follow! So exciting to see someone from England! That’s where my mum and all her family are from 🙂 What a fun connection! Best of luck in your new line!

    • Oh wow, where in England is your mum and her family from? My Dad is actually in the States, in California! Thanks for following and do keep in touch. Congratulations on your 6 month Anniversary.

      • From a little town called Bushey-I think on the outskirts of London? That is so crazy! My dad was born in California! His family moved out to England (they were all in the Air Force) so his family is out there now too. He and my mum moved to America when they got married, so we’re the only family we have in the states 🙂

      • Thats too strange, i grew up in Harrow which is the town next to Bushey. I can’t believe what a smaill world it really is. I’m so please to have contact with you. You really must keep in touch, hope you get to visit the UK soon! Where in the States are you?

      • How crazy is that!!! I’m excited to keep in touch, and would LOVE the opportunity to visit the UK and have my new husband meet my family over there!!! 🙂

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    • Thank you for the nomination, that’s so lovely of you. I find each and every one of my readers with or without blogs an inspiration, I love and appreciate their comments. I’m just glad I can be inspiring in some way too!

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