How Our Week’s Going Down


With roughly 6 weeks to go until the arrival of our new bundle of joy I’m getting more and more tired by the day. Keeping Gabriella occupied at home is getting to be very challenging. I think I’ve worked out the formula…variety is the spice of her life! The only problem is working out the ‘variety’ of activities! With fuzzy pregnancy brain I find it quite hard to think at all, It’s certainly not easy thinking ahead and having activities pre-planned to keep her entertained and tantrum free.

So, what else have i been doing this week? Well…On top of having a 2 year old to run after, It would seem that I’ve taken nesting to a whole other level, I’ve completely and unreasonably forced my other half into gutting and re-doing our bathroom as if we are not busy enough!

Apart from a few trips to tile and hardware shops (how exciting, NOT!) we’ve only made it out once at Gabriella’s request for ‘coffee and cake’ at our favourite local cupcake shop Primrose Bakery. So being at home this week means Gabriella has spent lots of her time jumping on beds, painting and drawing and clambering through the rumble from all the renovating.










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