Gabriella’s Style…Now


Now that Gabriella can verbalise her likes and dislikes she doesn’t hold back about her wardrobe. I’m just thankful we share the same style choices!

She loves bright colours, and yes, usually all mixed together in one outfit. I always ask her what she wants to wear, personally I think clothes can be quite a large part of expressing your personality.

Comfort is number one so leggings are a firm favourite in her wardrobe as are long sleeve t shirts with fun designs on but she developing a real love for skirts…music to my ears!




And…the more sparkles and glitter the better!


Of course I’d love to dress Gabriella in designer and boutique brands all the time but its not practical with the delicate use of fabrics and the financial burden. And, actually the high street do some really lovely pieces which I would hate to miss out on.

I’m not going to lie, I’m completely jealous of my daughters wardrobe especially being 8 month pregnant and now barely being able to fit into my oh so beautiful maternity clothes!

I’d love to hear what your child’s style is like, do share.

Happy Valentines Day.


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