A trip to the City Farm…Yes in London!

Gabriella spends most of her time spotting animals in the garden or when we’re out and about and she just loves waking up to tweeting birds! She’s completely obsessed with everyone else’s cats and dogs. Am I a terrible mother for not letting her have any pets yet?! I don’t know but what I do know is it will be another child and responsibility for me to look after. I think we’ll just enjoy a bit of nature, the zoos, farms and everyone else’s pets for the moment!

I try to embrace her interests as much as possible and lately we’ve been checking out as many local places as we can. When I found out there was a local city farm we couldn’t wait to check it out.











Kentish Town City Farm is nestled in amongst lots of high rise estates, exactly where you think there could be no such thing! Tucked behind an unobvious wooden door is the entrance to the farm. We were greeted by some chickens, with not a human in sight we strolled around the farm and I introduced Gabriella to all the typical farm animals. Most of which she recognised from her books. She was ever so excited, I think it was the fact that they were actually real and could move and make all the noises I’ve been telling her they could make.

I’m glad Gabriella had a good time, if I’m honest, as an adult I felt that the city farm felt slightly unloved, tired and uncared for, it has so much potential to be a wonderful place for young families to hang out. This could of course be a financial restriction but if guests were greeted by someone maybe we would know where to give donations safely. Also there could be an opportunity for a great farm shop and cafe. We could have done with pitstop to refuel, we had to stop stop for lunch somewhere else after :-(. All in all definitely worth a visit.








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