A Birthday Party in Regents Park


Tis the season of parties and get togethers. Gabriella had been invited to her friend’s 2nd Birthday feast in Regents Park. There was no better choice of venue than Regents Park whilst we take advantage of our great British heat wave plus it’s just a walk away from home.

Sometimes I completely forget that Gabriella now comprehends what im saying, this is probably because she spends much of her time ignoring me unless its something she wants to hear! Telling her about the party in the park before bedtime probably wasn’t the best of timings, we had a very overexcited little girl who couldn’t sleep.

To be honest the whole family was kind of excited, we’ve been so busy working that there’s been a real lack of family time. We love nothing more than to eat, drink and be merry in the sun whilst the kids play. Well, it’s never quite as relaxing as that sounds when including a toddler approaching the terrible 2’s.

Gabriella has a beautiful dress from ilovegorgeous from last summer, it’s probably the last wear she will get out of it before it gets packed away. Just as well, Gabriella’s love affair with the chocolate birthday cake has definitely compromised this faithful party piece 😦

We have another party in the park coming up this weekend, I’m on the lookout for a new dress for my messy cake lover.















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