One Of Our Favourite Spots…The Fountains


We are settling into life in Hampstead(apart from the fact of needing meeting some local mums for me and playmates for Gabriella!) moving location with a child has taken me a while to find my bearings and special little spots that are fun for both me and Gabriella.

The outdoor fountains that Gabriella can play in are definitely something we didn’t have in Notting Hill. When I’m unprepared and no change of clothes seems to be the time Gabriella loves to insists on running through the fountains, More often than not I eave the house with a fully clothed dry toddler and return with an unclothed and fully soaked mess!







4 thoughts on “One Of Our Favourite Spots…The Fountains

  1. We have an amazing spot on our river in Brisbane (Australia) that water fountains galore – my kids love love love it. It’s just a little cold here at the moment for such water fun!

    • We are really lucky we have these fountain spots close by, they truly are great for keeping the little ones entertained on warm days while we get a much needed break or a moment to catch up with some work. Thanks for stopping by my blog all the way from Australia πŸ™‚

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