Welcome To My New Neighbourhood


I cant tell you all how sorry I am that my blog posts have been virtually not existent over the last 6 weeks. I completely underestimated the strength I would need moving house with a toddler!

One thing’s for sure, I’ve learnt a lot….I now know that however much stuff you think your house stores times this by three! However long you think it may take to pack up your home times this by three and you will probably be three times more tired than you can ever imagine so saving some extra money for after the move so that you can book into a 5 star spa for a week is probably not a bad idea.

Staying at my mums until our new house was vacant was not easy as she is 100 miles from London, Gabriella loved having time with her Nana though so it was worth all the travelling for her to spend quality time with her.

Thankfully, we love our new home. Its an exciting space with beautiful high ceilings, patio doors which open out to a beautifully mature garden which we all know in London outside space is like gold dust. It certainly feels like a more grown up house in a grown up area. Most importantly I feel inspired in the space, lets face it for a creative it’s essential.

My goodness I was not impressed with the 11 years worth of dirt left by the previous tenants, I’m completely disgusted that people live like that. I’m not making excuses but weeks of cleaning have contributed to my delayed blog posts! Anyway, the neighbourhood is just beautiful, with stunning tree lined streets and traditional red brick houses, draping wisteria here and there, blossom and magnolia everywhere, lots of traditional English Pubs and Ive swapped Hyde Park for Primrose Hill and Regents Park. I’m glad that Hampstead is so pretty because I have to say I was a little bit apprehensive about moving here as I’ve always been a West London girl. There’s still lots to explore in Hampsted and I’m enjoying this new chapter in life. Any tips for places to go in Hampstead will be muchly appreciated!





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