From Notting Hill to Portobello Road


After a quick trip to the seamstress for sample fittings for work this morning we decided to take a walk to Notting Hill. We popped into the newish Jamie Oliver Recipease shop. It’s quite amazing, it’s such an interactive store with cooking classes going on in a huge island kitchen in the middle of the whist shoppers shop. Im not sure if it was because there was cooking classes going on but the space feels so inspirational, I know any budding cook would appreciate visiting the store. Since Gabriella was enjoying stretching her legs and we were feeling a bit parched, we continued our walk down onto Portobello Road and stopped for a quick refuel in Kitchen & Pantry just off Portobello. Mmmmm maybe I could smell the carrot cake calling me! I never want to leave…It’s so comfy and cosy! Comfort food of jacket potato with beans and sausages and carrot cake to finish hit the spot perfectly. It’s cold once again but Portobello Road never disappoints, it has that inspiring buzz no matter what the weather.







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